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When asked; “What is Job Creation”, how do you answer? When we interview people

randomly, most people gave our organization a blank stare. Too often people come to the

Foundation for Job Creation for a job. However we don’t provide jobs, we just try to support the

ideas that create jobs. These ideas lead to real innovation. The kinds of Innovation that change

and employs the world eventually. The Foundation for Job Creation, <a

href=”” title=”The Foundation for Job Creation”>4createjobs</a>, offers the

following information to clarify to the general public, a definition, as to what exactly job creation

is. The Foundation for Job Creation presents 4 basic definitions of methods for creating jobs in a

free market system,… for creating jobs in America.

Entrepreneurs and government act socially responsible every time they employ someone. They

are dependent on each other to be in balance. Too much influence of either side is detrimental

and will cause the system to stall and spin in a tethering, out of control way, until properly


The definitions of job creation are listed from the easiest method (no. 1) to the hardest method

(no. 4). The first two methods are out of your control unless you hold an elected or appointed

position in the government, number three and four are in the control of the free market system

(that means you). Immediately following our four definitions are the published definitions by

others for your reference, they were retrieved on the internet.

1. Job Creation by Government spending/stimulus: The Government can stimulate job

creation when it invests in projects that improve or create new services. These activities

could include releasing contracts to the private sector for infrastructure, defense,

engineering, justice, etc. Other ways that the government creates jobs is by issuing

special grants for privately run programs. These are often for special studies and research.

Grant receivers do employ people. However these grants are often connected to special

favors called earmarks. These seemingly good gestures destroy independent innovation

that is developed by unconnected science communities and can cause discouragement to

innovate by others.

The government also often decides to grow itself and hires new government employees.

Some people argue that the bigger government gets; the more overhead private taxpaying

industries must pay to support the costs of government. We vote for people to make these

decisions for us. It might be a good idea to pay attention to the details in Congress.

This is the easiest Job Creation method because the government seems to have an endless

supply of tax payer’s money/credit and Congress feels no pain in their own wallets.

2. Job Creation is influenced by legislation and monetary policy: A change to monetary

policies, tax incentives and changes in regulations effects employment. The government

needs tax revenues and walks a fine line trying to measure the complicated causal effects

of their actions. Good intentions can stray an economy as the actors in the theatre of

the economy react to a multitude of conditions at once. These rules and regulations

are what established businesses love or hate. The more often there are major changes

to tax structure and regulation , the more often there are major movements in rates

of employment, either job creation or job destruction. Too many changes can hurt

an economy and too little can damage an economy. Again, it is a balancing act that

is becoming more and more difficult with the existence of special interest lobbyists,

non-profit Political Action Committees with noble concerns over social issues and the

environment. Government actions do matter

3. Job Creation a market share approach: Job creation can occur when the unemployed

become ambitious and start their own business in easy entry industries and markets . This

is usually accomplished when an unemployed person turns into an entrepreneur and goes

into business to compete in the industry they were familiar with for many years. These

new businesses’ create jobs simply by innovating and implementing the ideas that were

ignored when they were employed. Most small businesses that begin come to the rude

awakening that “it’s not that easy” but survivors tend to change entire industries that

were stuck in operating the” same old way” for years. This also leads to lower prices,

stable wages , higher revenues and growth for services in that industry.

The perfect example is the middle manager that is unemployed and becomes a contractor.

In the 1980’s we had a serious recession and an aging construction industry. Many

college educated people became involved in construction and began their business with

the notion of implementing technology in that industry. This created the beginning of a

thirty year boom in the manufacturing of one of the last products America had to offer,

…Real Estate. The innovations, such as , the screw gun, the air-nail gun, new roofing

products, vinyl siding, pvc tubing ,and light weight scaffolding are a few examples of the

innovations that made labor easier to train and kept the price of building stable. The cost

of installing a roof, for instance, stayed basically the same for almost 30 years. That is

ambition blended with basic low tech innovation. That is one form of Job Creation

4. Job Creation through Ideas: Innovate, create, invent, and invest. The most difficult

but the most effective way to create long term employment is to create new industries. It

truly is the hardest way but the best way to continually grow an economy that can support

its citizens with employment. In the 1990’s the computer desk-top industry exploded

along with the internet industry. It was a time of high prices for technology, confusion

in this new young technology industry and lots of good paying jobs. It is possible to

see new industries surface suddenly as as we maintain the free markets environment and

investment becomes more transparent and accessible to everyone.

There are many opportunities on the horizon. Ideas that will lead to innovation are alive

and waiting somewhere. The Foundation for Job Creation wants to do their part to bring

them forward.

The Foundation for Job Creation hopes our definitions and the definitions below are helpful to

everyone. We thought it would be better if more people had an understanding of Job Creation.

Job Creation is not an easy task. We have been following most business news stations and we

have not been able to get a grasp from them or Wall St pundits. Wall St seems to be detached or

unconcerned with the value of Job Creation, they need these definitions also.

Other issues that affect Job Creation

A. Continuing education and preparation for shifts in employment needs. Americans

must be adaptable to change. Continuous re-education to prepare one-self to learn

new techniques and technology, as labor/intelligence needs change. America can

create jobs by being prepared for changes and an increase of inevitable competition

from less expensive well educated labor markets.

B. Adopting a methodology to forecast the innovation development and innovation

deployment in the future is important.

The goal of The Foundation for Job Creation is to be a practitioner job creator. The following

are the published definitions for Job Creation that are readily available. According to some

economic groups you need to be a certified economic developer, we disagree.

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Pass these definitions around and feel free to send comments directly to our Foundation. We

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Other Definitions of “Job Creation”

1.Job creation – Definition of job creation noun from Cambridge …

Definition of job creation noun from Cambridge Dictionary Online: Free English Dictionary and

Thesaurus. Meaning of job creation. job creation synonyms, …

Job Creation noun: The process of providing new jobs, especially for people who are

unemployed. “The governments Job Creation strategy”(Definition of job creation noun from the

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)

2. As published by the longmans dictionary

Longman Dictionary: Standard: Job Creation-The process of making more paid jobs available.

3. As published by the Free dictionary

The Free dictionary: Job creation programs are programs or project undertaken by a

government or state of a nation in order to achieve assist the population in seeking employment.

They are especially common during time of high unemployment. They may either concentrate

on macro-economic policy in order to create a supply of employment, or create more efficient

means to pair employment seekers to their prospective employers.

Job creation programs are a cornerstone of Keynesian economics.

4.(From Wikipedia as published on the internet)

Wikipedia: Job creation programs are programs or projects undertaken by a government of a

nation in order to assist unemployed members of the population in … creation

5. As published by the “Network”

Author:Economic Development Services, Inc.10822 Big Canoe Big Canoe, GA 30143-5136 (US)

Job creation:… A term used in various definitions of economic development (example)

indicating that one objective for it its practitioners is to indirectly produce job opportunities.

One of the basics of economic development is to maintain locations so that community vitality

is sustainable. The creation of replacement jobs for the unemployed and underemployed is one

of the keys to sustainability. Also, the retention of jobs that fit the qualifications of a community

workforce is part of the best practice approach to economic development. The Network defines

enterprise and economic development as a process of job creation.

Economic development practitioner:

… an economic developer; an expression used to identify a person working in the field and, in

addition, having credentials provided by an academic institution or association, for example, the

certification program (CEcD) of the International Economic Development Council.


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