Job Creation “A Logical Approach”

New York, NY, December 1, 2009, The Foundation for Job Creation,, <a

href=”” title=”The Foundation for Job Creation”>4createjobs</a>, offers

these suggestions, for consideration, by President Obama and his guests at the Job Creation

Summit to be held on Thursday at the White House.

Mr. President please do not raise any taxes, cut any taxes, provide tax credits, or spend more to

increase the deficit expecting to create real jobs.

Mr. President please ask Wall St. to clean up its operations particularly in the OTC.BB market

as this is a viable avenue for capital/equity creation if investors could trust that market. As

we all know the banks cannot lend at this point, by supporting a voluntary clean-up of this

market we may discover patriotism where we never thought it could exist, on “Wall St”. This

underutilized market could be the arena for small capital needs by innovative businesses and

“pinch hit” temporarily for the banks. Please ask Wall St. to set and publicize specific rules for

the equity markets immediately eliminating dark pools, flash trading, and other unfair trading

practices, and demand transparent reporting, to allow more investment and trust in this

market from domestic and foreign sources. Our traditional methods of capital raising through

angel investors, and venture capitalists is inefficient. We must re-invent the secondary equity

markets rapidly to deploy more capital to innovative start-up businesses. Most big ideas cannot

obtain loans because they are such huge endeavors.

Mr. President could you please consider motivating investors and industry with the idea of

taking more risk on innovation for creating jobs? We have a busy patent office, a brilliant stable

of engineers, and lots of big ideas motivated by potential profit in this free country, and a

system for capitalizing on profitable ventures in America. This all works providing the system is

free to operate and not dependent on political connections and government grants. Innovation

and investment is deterred currently by the belief that if there is not a “connection” there is no

need to even try. Look where that style of business has brought us, (10.2 % unemployment at

least) and a devastated housing market. By assuring the scientific and investment community

that fair competition will exist we will have job growth. We will also have the opportunity of

improving and assisting in maintaining the lifestyles of a growing global community hungry for

innovation and the solutions to difficult problems regarding energy ,water and the biosciences.

Mr. President please suggests that all new jobs should be created to provide a minimum of a

living wage adjustable to geographic location. This is critical to help in resolving the housing

crisis. Living wage jobs will happen naturally if we focused on job creation through high tech

innovation. It would also motivate our society to study more and prepare for such jobs.

Mr. President, Labor and business must work together in new and more appropriate ways.

The labor movement must be part of the solution to economic growth. Can you please

discuss and foster new levels of communication from the labor unions so that potentially new

manufacturers will not be afraid to operate in the United States and automatically plan to

manufacture overseas. Good labor relations sowed while innovation is developed would move

organized labor from a reactive to a proactive . A new manufacturer should be able to forecast

and negotiate labor costs years ahead and have firm agreements in hand before setting up


Mr. President we have everything we need to create jobs. We simply need your leadership and

motivation. Please ask for the help of all parties mentioned above.

The Foundation for Job Creation was founded by Mark Nejmeh in March 2009 and is a

NJ non-profit. The FFJC does not apply for government funding in an attempt to maintain

an entrepreneurial spirit and to avoid any political connection. The FFJC has been funded

solely by its founders and volunteers efforts. Please visit our site and donate what you

can,, <a href=”” title=”The Foundation for Job

Creation”>4createjobs</a>. Our goal is to attract ideas, provide engineering, evaluate the

commercialization of the technology, and to produce prototypes for investors review providing

that the innovation developed will create jobs.

Mark Nejmeh is the inventor of, <a href=

title=”Home-Magkinetics Inc.”></a?> technology, a system and method for creating

electricity from moving automobile traffic. While experiencing first hand the difficulties of

commercializing the MagKinetics technology, and watching the job creation crisis form Mark

Nejmeh decided to apply innovation to the job creation process.


The Foundation for Job Creation

Mark Nejmeh: Director/Founder