Job Creation, The home, The Family

Job Creation, the home, the family.

Harvard, Illinois October 26, 2009, According to the Foundation for Job Creation, ,there has never been a more obnoxious statement regarding the crisis

in our economy as when CNBC journalist Rick Santelli passed judgement on the American

people in foreclosure. This was the most clear abuse of the media to denegtate those in need

or as he called them the losers. Suggesting that those working and keeping up with their bills

and mortgages were carrying the water as opposed to those that only drink the water whom

he referred. It was certainly the beginning of a revolution or shall we say a revelation. The

financial media was analyzing and placing blame on defaulted mortgages before looking into

the mirror for cause. Quite common behavior among all human beings that run in fear.

President Obama and his administration did recognize the crisis America is in, and they did

begin to do what a government could.

We have not yet begun to see the true impact of the devastation and the cost to American

culture from this mortgage crisis. From the time of Mr. Santelli’s comment the stock market

has rebounded nearly 50 percent leaving some to believe that the worst is over. Of course

Mr. Santelli and friends have continued to be employed and make their money, their sky has

not fallen .… yet. Wise Mr. Santelli seems a bit more on the ball these days insisting that Job

Creation is the key to recovery. Well…Job Creation? Bravo Mr. Santelli could that possibly

mean that the mortgages crisis could have been caused by the lack of good paying jobs? We

at the Foundation for Job Creation believe so.

The Foundation for Job Creation is certainly not in favor of big government. However it seems

as we should expect to see by necessity a growth in government social services and therefor

a growth in government. The fact is most people the government has helped will not be able

to stay in their homes. Why, Mr Santelli’s right….no job creation. There is a new foreclosure

in this country every 13 seconds , the 2009 total is expected to be about 2,100,000 and 2008

was 1,000,000, 2007 was 2,200,000. Hmmm that seems to total to about 5,000,000. Now lets

look at how many jobs were lost and basically none created to replace them within 2009 so

far about 800,000 2008 the total job loss was 2.600,000, total overall job loss since december

2007 is 7,200,000. Umm Mr Santelli I think you are right we need Job Creation to replace jobs.

Kindly apologize to the people that you called losers.

The best health care reform to implement immediately would be an immediate tax credit for

gym memberships come from avoiding mental illness by job creation leading to employment,

exercise programs in our parks , and of the metal illness that comes from unemployment are

obesity, drug abuse, prostitution, mafia like corruption,

The best healthcare reform that the government could implement is exerscise

Formation and Job Creation Act.