Mutation Job Creation

“Mutation Job Creation”

HARVARD, Ill., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Love Canal of economics

has been discovered. Mutations from this toxic economic disaster have begun

occur. One such mutation is the formation of the “Foundation for Job . A non-profit founded by Inventor and entrepreneur Mark

Nejmeh along with attorney, Francis X Taney Jr., and businessman James

Flattery. The purpose of the Foundation is to support ideas, innovations and

concepts through development and into prototype. The goal is to ready the

technologies and creativity for transfer to corporations or as a base for new

start-up companies. The Foundations focus is to assist the big ideas that

lead to job creation once presented in prototype form. Mark Nejmeh, “We can

longer ignore ideas that are born in unexpected places, outside of the

prestige of the mainstream Universities Halls. This new Foundation must mine

the brilliance of the ‘can do, will do’ modern American scientists, creative

minds, and entrepreneurs in garages, basements, and elsewhere. We need grass

roots support from volunteers, donors and sponsors. We have everything we

in this country to get us back on our feet. It’s called American creativity,

invention, and it comes from the melting pot we call the USA. America cannot

let brilliant technologies slip away or be shipped overseas any longer. We

just need to listen, evaluate, and do.”

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From the perspective of the Foundation for Job Creation,

much of the American economy is drowning in a toxic economic Love Canal. The

main ingredients in this toxic stew include lack of investment in and support

for creativity and ingenuity, malfunctioning of our capital and credit

markets, and sub-optimal governmental oversight, regulation and policies.

Unfortunately, many otherwise well meaning people are wasting time and energy

attempting to assign blame and find scapegoats. This is the bad news.

The Foundation for Job Creation is good news. It believes that Freedom comes

with capitalism as a package, and if America is to succeed it should embrace

the concept that free enterprise will always support Freedom. The Foundation

for Job Creation is for all people that want a voting voice on the direction

of American technology and creativity development through the Foundation. All

members have the right to vote on technology development and allocation of

funds. Development moves forward only on majority vote. The Foundation has

plans to have three to five “Think Tank development facilities” across

America and one Laboratory -tool and die prototyping facility, open for

technology member’s use by mid 2010. Anyone can apply for assistance. The

service centers will provide assistance with Intellectual property

engineering software, business plan software, website development, branding,

engineering services for assisting in concept and prototype design , and

professional business mentoring and prototype production. The areas of

concentration of the Foundation are entertainment, biotech, renewable energy,

and low tech/high tech industry. All efforts must create jobs and profit in

the USA as well as be strong export candidates. The Foundation for Job

Creation, hopes people will participate in their

fundraisers and become active members.

The Foundations first fund raiser is a fun nationwide fun bench press, with six different cash prizes open to schools, gyms,

military bases, men, women, the disabled community and of course our Armed

forces. The largest cash prize is $5000 and goes to the gym, school and or

military base that cumulatively among all the registered participants lifts

the most weight. Gyms, schools, must register for $50 to participate. There

are individual cash prizes of $1500. The contest also will determine which

State is the strongest State as it adds up all weights lifted by those States

members. The contest is slated for late fall and takes place across the . Sponsors are currently being sought. If we don’t have

good paying long term jobs we cannot support the important charities and

government services that keep America afloat. Jobs are the number one agenda

for America. The Foundation for Job Creation is taking the right steps to

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