Green roofing Classes $1

“Worship Work” Learn Green Sustainable Roofing for $1 Every Sunday

NEPTUNE, NJ August 6, 2015– In 2009, a roofer started a small non-profit organization called “The

Foundation for Job Creation.” He held rallies across the country to educate communities on what

“Job Creation” truly is. Now the organizations founder, Mark Nejmeh, is sharing the knowledge

of his trade through that same non-profit. Every Sunday morning from 7 am to 8 am Nejmeh

takes time out of his own busy schedule to “Worship Work”; he offers valuable “green roofing”

skill training seminars to his community at 1510 Corlies Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753.

The best part of “Worship Work?” He only charges $1 per session. There’s no

questioning Nejmeh’s qualifications- he runs a small roofing company in New Jersey and has

been a roofer for over 35 years. His roofing company, Real Roofers, has been in business since


So why learn to be a roofer? For starters, roofers earn a minimum of $16 per hour, and

can earn as much as $65 per hour on the roof. They can also enter management in areas like sales,

providing estimates, roof inspection observation, and project management, and can earn well over

$120,000 per year. There is a major shortage of roofers nationwide and because of this the

roofing industry is experiencing drastic changes. Quality of work is dropping and most work is

being subcontracted. Nejmeh has held meetings with the National Roofing Contractors

Association (NRCA) and hopes to convince them to work closely with his organization, Together with NRCA, Nejmeh’s goal is to reach people nationwide, and help

develop skills training which will in turn build up the roofing industry. has never

applied for a grant and relies on small donations and volunteer efforts at this time.

Mark Nejmeh says, “I love this trade, I know it’s hard work but it is an exciting time to

be a roofer. Adding green roofing and sustainability practices to this sector of the building trades

makes sense. By applying green vegetation to roofs it cools a building by 25%, and can make a

roof last for 100 years. That would mean less energy to produce new roof materials and much less

strain on landfills from roofs removed. This is a time to innovate in the roofing industry! I am

sure that teaching the basics of roofing will lead to more jobs as roofing innovation takes root.

None of this can happen without a firm understanding of the safety, materials, and skills required

to install a new roof.”

Prospective students must demonstrate sincerity and a willingness to learn. Each week

students must have a new tool for their tool belt. All students will be graded on work ethic,

attitude, and skills acquired. For more information, contact Mark at 732-995-3914, or show up to

one of his “Worship Work” weekly Sunday seminars.